Welcome Isaiah Perez, Communications and Development Associate, to The Water Council

In June 2013 we announced that The Water Council had hired a new intern, Isaiah Perez, to help with marketing work in anticipation of the opening of the Global Water CenterMilwaukee Water Week, and our rapidly expanding scope of work. 

We are proud to announce Isaiah as the newest full-time addition to our growing team as the Communications & Development Associate. Welcome aboard, Isaiah!

IPerez Headshot

Isaiah Perez, Communications & Development Associate

What excites you most about being part of The Water Council full-time?

When I started at The Water Council last June, it was right before the grand opening of the Global Water Center (GWC), so there was a lot of planning and coordinating going on right as I started, which made coming to work very exciting and interesting. Now that we’ve settled in at the new building, one might think that the excitement has dissipated, far from it!

Activity around The Water Council offices, the Global Water Center, and Historic Walker’s Point is at a fever pitch. It’s really great to see all of the development happening all around us. We have seen Reed Street Yards begin a transformation from an empty field to a shovel-ready development site. And we continue to see new businesses opening in our neighborhood–we have an ice-cream shop, chocolatier, and self-serve wine barall that have opened around the block from the GWC since we moved in.

Things change daily for us. It keeps you on your toes, but it also makes it very easy to come into work everyday because you never know what might develop. I am excited for this summer. With Rexnord moving into the Global Water Centerit’s going to create even more activity in the building. The energy is just going to keep growing. By then, I believe Freshwater Way, between 2nd and 3rd streets will be resurfaced with new streetscaping!

Describe your work with the Walker’s Point Association.

I wanted to help continue the engagement of the GWC and Water Council with our new neighbors and community. While looking for ways to get involved in the area, I recalled a story I read about the Walker’s Point Association a while back and found out that The Water Council was in fact already members. I began attending the monthly meetings as a way to meet some of the residents and business owners.

Through my attendance at those meetings, I was asked to join the Community Relations Committee of the Association, which I have been attending in addition to the regular community meetings. I think it was important for The Water Council to have a presence at the meetings to demonstrate our commitment to the community and city that has been integral in our growth and success, especially since the Walker’s Point neighborhood will be the overall hub of Milwaukee’s Water Cluster when School of Freshwater Sciences opens on the inner harbor and Reed Street Yards is developed.

What would you like members to know about you?

In the original post introducing me last year, I believe I said something about changing the image and perception of Milwaukee. That still holds true, the work that The Water Council and our membership is accomplishing is truly going to mold how people view this city in the 21st century. The reputation of the city in the water industry is continually evolving and rising. I want to end with a slogan from a marketing campaign from a few decades ago, that I heard once and it has stuck with me, “Milwaukee, a Great City on a Great Lake,” it truly is, and I’m very excited to be a part of it.

Isaiah graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Prior to his marketing communications internship with The Water Council, Isaiah interned with Zizzo Group: Marketing+PR+New Media and the Milwaukee Achiever Literacy Services as a Special Project Intern. Isaiah will be focusing on Water Council written communications, grant writing and assisting with Water Council events including the annual Water Summit.

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Understanding Water Chemistry for Practical Application


Online registration is LIVE for University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Understanding Water Chemistry for Practical Applications course. 

Download the full course flyer here

Course info:
Course #P620
May 19-20
Global Water Center
247 W. Freshwater Way
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Course Fee:  $995
Contact Ned Paschke, Program Director, at paschke@engr.wisc.edu or 608.263.4705 for more information or to register. Please REGISTER or express interest to Ned by APRIL 21 — class must have a minimum number enrolled to be held.


A good understanding of water chemistry and its applications is an important asset for engineers, technical professionals, consultants and managers in water-­‐related industries and agencies. Taught by experts, this course will strengthen your water chemistry knowledge for practical use in your business or agency, and throughout your career.

Who Should Attend

  • Engineers, consultants, technical professionals
  • Water technology businesses and manufacturers
  • Water agencies, plant managers, operators
  • Industrial water users
  • Public health professionals
  • Others interested in water chemistry applications

Topics Will Include:

  • Understanding acids, bases, and CO2
  • Solubility, precipitation, corrosion
  • Organic and inorganic contaminants
  • Applications in surface water, groundwater, drinking water treatment
  • Emerging contaminants, endocrine disruptors
  • Current issues, examples, problem solving
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Top Global Organizations Pledge to Support Water Stewardship

Nestle, General Mills and others commit to Alliance for Water Stewardship and support launch of international standard

Nestlé and General Mills were among major businesses, which today announced their commitment to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), alongside 27 other leading organizations including FEMSA Foundation, Water Footprint Network, WaterAid, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and The Nature Conservancy in promoting a global framework for sustainable use of the world’s limited freshwater resources.

Water is a shared resource critical for human health, driving the economy, and maintaining freshwater species. Yet due to a myriad of factors, including growing demand, climate change and pollution, fresh water in many regions is increasingly at risk.

“We are excited to see these global leaders join us on the journey towards sustainable and equitable water use,” said Michael Spencer, Chair of AWS’s board and representative of Water Stewardship Australia. “Safeguarding fresh water requires collaboration across many sectors. Governments and civil society help ensure proper water management for people and nature. Companies can be better stewards of fresh water to safeguard their business and contribute to protecting the catchments they share with local communities.”

Standard_Core_DetailsThe announcement comes as AWS releases the first International Water Stewardship Standard 1.0, a global framework to promote sustainable freshwater use.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to help private- and public-sector water users and managers become responsible water stewards, who protect and enhance freshwater resources for people and nature,” said Alexis Morgan, Director, Global Water Roundtable, WWF. “The standard enables companies to demonstrate water stewardship and water risk mitigation to their local communities, investors and suppliers. In doing so, WWF believes that companies will not only safeguard their business, but also demonstrate leadership in conserving fresh water.”

“As a global food company, water is critical to General Mills’ business,” said Jerry Lynch, Vice

President, Chief Sustainability Officer, General Mills. “We have an interest and a responsibility to protect the quality and supply of water upon which our business depends, and actively look for ways to collaborate with others to benefit our growers, the community and the environment. We wholeheartedly embrace this challenge and are proud to be a founding partner with AWS as they seek to define the global standard on responsible water stewardship.”

AWS offers a variety of ways to improve, incentivize and recognize responsible water use, including helping members engage key stakeholders within their watershed and supply chain. The AWS Standard defines criteria for good water stewardship and was designed to align with other sustainability initiatives and support independent certification with varying levels of recognition.

“Nestlé supports the efforts of AWS to promote water stewardship internationally and assist companies to manage water-related risk at a site and catchment level,” said Carlo Galli, Water Resources, Technical & Strategic Advisor, Nestlé. “The AWS Standard will enable companies to better assess their performance against a defined set of principles, identify opportunities for improvement and take collaborative steps to improve their water use.”

The Standard was developed through a four-year, multi-stakeholder, global water roundtable process that included a diversity of business, public sector and civil society interests from around the world, as well as pilot projects held in seven countries. Over the course of nine months, leading companies in pulp and paper, mining, chemicals, oil and gas, water service provision and agriculture applied the Standard to test its feasibility and applicability. These projects helped define targets in water governance, water balance, water quality and other important water-related areas.

Download the AWS Standard Brochure Here!

“We are delighted to be able to launch the Standard here in Peru, a country that in many ways epitomizes the challenges of managing water wisely in a world where social, economic and environmental pressures collide,” said Adrian Sym, Executive Director of AWS. “The work we have done in the asparagus sector here highlights how international demand for more and different foods can threaten the water resources that communities and companies depend on, and the need to work collectively to safeguard these resources and the livelihoods they support.”

To encourage understanding and engagement around water, AWS is also launching a capacity development program and membership opportunities. By joining AWS organizations can learn what they can do to help protect shared resources, as well as shape the future of water stewardship.


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Around the Water Cooler – March Recap

Thank you to all that joined The Water Council for Around the Water Cooler (ATWC) during March. These weekly lunchtime gatherings are meant as a way for tenants to come together in a casual environment, and learn about our fellow neighbors within the Global Water Center. During the initial month of ATWC, we were happy to welcome representatives from Ijinus, Phigenics, Total Water Treatment Systems, and Xela Innovations

On deck for April – NEW Works (April 7, Flow Lab), Stormwater Solutions Engineering (April 14), Alliance for Water Stewardship (April 21), and Fund for Lake Michigan (April 28). To schedule an ATWC feature for your company, contact Isaiah, at iperez@thewatercouncil.com.

March Recap:

IMG_0247Ijinus - Our first ATWC gathering featured Matthieu Urvoy of Ijinus. Ijinus, not only new to the building, but also to Milwaukee; is a French company that specializes in the instrumentation to manage and monitor water levels via ultrasonic technology. Ijinus, created in 2003, was founded on the idea of developing a system to measure the level of stock in silos for the agricultural industry. It has adapted its product solutions for use in water measurement, traceability, and transportation. They currently have a staff of 17 in France, and recently established a Milwaukee office in 2013.

Their expertise is in the contact-free measurement, transmission of information through radio signals, and data management via the internet. They have adapted their solutions for wastewater treatment, management, and water quality. The devices they offer and utilize are overflow detectors, ultrasonic level sensors, and data loggers. Future product development includes flow measurement devices, digital probes, and rain gauges.

Matthieu Urvoy is a former intern of the Greater Milwaukee Committee. He now resides in MIlwaukee as Business Developer/Sales Representative for Ijinus. He is working to establish more substantial operations for Ijinus in North America, adapting their solutions for American companies. For the complete presentation, CLICK HERE.

IMG_0368PhigenicsEstablished, and privately funded, in 2005, Phigenics is an employee owned company, with a staff of 40, including 6 regional managers, account support managers, and water management specialists. Phigenics is committed to bringing facility owners and managers a cost-effective approach to water management through independent leadership.

Phigenics boasts a wide product offering in Water Management Programs, Web-based Smart Water Analytics, Water Testing Services, and Independent Automated Chlorine Monitoring Tools. Their product offering reflects a common goal of “maintaining water quality, or improving it, compared to how it was received. This is accomplished by implementing a process to ensure water safety/quality across an organization; and, identifying opportunities to improve current system performance, drive cost savings, and improve sustainability.

Missy Cain received a B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from UW-Madison. She joined the Phigenics team in January 2006, and has facilitated Water Management Programs across the country. Previously, she worked in the healthcare industry with Abbott Diagnostics for 5 years. For the complete presentation, CLICK HERE.

Total Water Treatment SystemsEstablished in 1943, Total Water specializes in the design of ultra pure water systems for Biotech, Laboratory, Healthcare, Kidney Dialysis, and Industrial Applications. In fact, the Global Water Center has been fitted with an ultrapure water system that produces Type II Water for research/lab purposes.

Total Water offers system design and engineering, distribution design, system sanitations and complete maintenance program solutions. Applications for their systems are varied, and range from highly purified water for in vitro fertilization, to specialized water for rinsing of surgical instruments, etc. Other technologies they utilize in these processes are water softeners, water filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization systems, and ultraviolet disinfection.

Jeff Lee holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Iowa, and is also certified through the Water Quality Association as a Water Specialist IV. He is Partner in Total Water Treatment Systems, with 15 years experience in the industry. For the complete presentation, CLICK HERE.

IMG_0671Xela InnovationsThe final ATWC presentation in March came from Xela Innovations, whose objective is to ensure a healthier, greener and cleaner washroom environment. Side-note, you can find there Purleve handle in bathrooms at the Global Water Center.

Xela is represented by 3 key products; AutoFlush, represents the  early innovation of the company, and the foundation for their industry knowledge and network; Purleve Handle, represents the first product sold by Xela, which transitioned them from a service company to a product company; and the No-Water Urinal, which represents the future growth of product offerings, and Xela Innovations’ increased investment in energy conservation product lines.

Todd Muderlak is President of Xela Innovations, LLC, and is responsible for all non-design related business activities, including accounting, operations, human resources and legal. For the complete presentation, CLICK HERE.

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Rexnord Corporation to Relocate Corporate Executives to Global Water Center

Milwaukee, WI - The Water Council announced today that Rexnord Corporation will be relocating a number of their executives and corporate teams to the Global Water Center, a 98,000 sq. ft., seven-­story, former warehouse designed to house water-­related technology development facilities for universities, established businesses and entrepreneurs.

Rexnord currently leases space in the Global Water Center, along with 30 other water-­related organizations, but this new agreement will expand Rexnord’s presence when corporate offices relocate from West Milwaukee. Preparations are currently being made for the move, which is targeted for summer 2014. Rexnord will occupy space on two floors, totaling approximately 14,000 sq. ft. and bringing total occupancy of the Center to 85%.

The news of Rexnord deciding to locate its corporate executives in the Center is “a very significant demonstration of Milwaukee continuing to thrive as a leader in the global water economy,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council.

The Global Water Center, located at 247 West Freshwater Way in the heart of historic Walker’s Point, is the physical hub and cornerstone of Milwaukee’s global water cluster. The site acts as a water research, education and business accelerator facility. The project vision was to design a space that will bring university researchers together with industry experts to create synergies and connections, resulting in new businesses and jobs in the water technology sector. The Water Council has hosted over 15 international delegations, numerous government officials and water industry professionals at the Center.

Amhaus stated, “It is clear that global water technology companies are attracted to the Global Water Center to have first-­‐hand access to entrepreneurs, researchers and students developing new technologies for the freshwater industry.”



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UW Course to be Held at Global Water Center



Understanding Water Chemistry for Practical Applications
May 19-20 — All Day
Global Water Center
Register with: Ron Bartos

UW-Madison will be holding a course called Understanding Water Chemistry for Practical Application in the Global Water Center on May 19-20. This two-day course will cover the basics of water chemistry and current issues and applications in drinking water, wastewater treatment, groundwater, industry, rivers, lakes, and storm water.

Course fees include the take-home notebook (a detailed course binder including all presentations and technical handouts), break refreshments and lunches, and the course certificate for 15 Professional Development Hours or 1.5 Continuing Education Credits.

Who should attend? The course will specifically benefit water/wastewater professionals, consulting engineers, plant managers and operators, municipal engineers, industrial water users, public health professionals, and others interested in water chemistry including undergraduate and graduate students.

Topics will include:

  • Introduction to practical water chemistry
  • Terminology and quantities
  • Acids, bases, and carbon dioxide
  • Drinking water treatment chemistry and microbiology
  • Wastewater treatment chemistry and microbiology
  • Solubility and precipitation
  • Corrosion and oxidation/reduction
  • Chemistry in rivers, lakes, stormwater, and groundwater
  • Phosphorus, nutrients, mercury, copper, lead, and manganese
  • Emerging contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and endocrine disruptors
  • Organic chemicals and pesticides
  • Case studies, applications, and practical guidance

There is a minimum attendance required for UW-Madison to host the course which needs to be confirmed by April 21. If you or your company is interested in attending, please contact Ron Bartos ASAP at rpbartos@aosmith.com for reserve your spot.

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March 2014 Q1 Member Meeting Recap

IMG_0483Tuesday, March 25 marked our 1st Quarter Member Meeting of 2014! Thank you to our host, Pentair for providing us with the meeting space and tour of the facility. Our 2nd Quarterly Member Meeting will be Thursday, May 29 – if you’re interested in hosting, please contact our Director of Marketing & Membership, Meghan Jensen.  It was great to see so many familiar faces in attendance, as well as many new ones. For those that were unable to attend, here is a brief recap.



Sam Karge, VP of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Filtration, Pentair

Sam Karge, VP of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Filtration, Pentair, welcomed our members to the facility, and gave a brief presentation about Pentair and it’s rich history; starting as a holding company, transitioning later into an operating company, and finally transforming itself into a full-on high-performance company, valued at more than $15 billion.


Scott Anderson, Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP

Featured Speaker: Scott Anderson, Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP, discussed the 2013 Water Technology US Patent Landscape Annual Report. The report covers all water industry patents from 2008-2012, and is meant to give an idea of trends, opportunities, who is filing them, and an overall snapshot of water technology innovations and advancements. Patents were divided into the following categories; purification, metering, irrigation, desalination, and groundwater, these categories were selected due to industry relevance and significant patent activity. Major takeaways from the presentation were that patents in water technology are on the rise, after a brief decline between 2010-2011. The main category that has seen the largest increase was in water purification, attributed to the fact that access to freshwater is becoming a major issue in many areas of the world. Finally, the United States leads other countries in water technology patent origin and ownership. FULL REPORT


Meghan Jensen, Director of Marketing & Membership, The Water Council

Marketing Update: Meghan Jensen, Director of Marketing & Membership, The Water Council, informed the audience that since our last meeting we celebrated our wonderful members at the Member Appreciation Party hosted by MillerCoors, have welcomed Office Manager & Executive Assistant Angela May to our staff, the Global Water Center (GWC) has continued hosting trade delegations from around the world and numerous events, our interactive 2013 Annual Report is now available, and the Leadership Strategic Vision is in the final stages of approval.

We have also welcomed several new tenants to the GWC, including; Total Water Treatment Systems, Phigenics LLC, MikroFlot Technologies, and GRAEF (in April). The Water Council also received several awards including: the Business Journal Eureka Award, LEED® Silver certification for the GWC, the Platinum American Society of Interior Designers, and another design award to be announced in May.

It was also announced that Water Summit 2014 Thriving in the Global Water Economy, June 18-19, has finalized tracks and the agenda will be available soon for the full Summit. New keynotes announced were Kim Marotta, Director of Sustainability, MillerCoors, and Dr. Jerry Spinelli, OPIC. Make sure to REGISTER to ensure your ticket to this years Summit before it sells out.

Lastly, Meghan welcomed several new members to The Water Council, 20 since our last meeting, and outlined some of the benefits of membership, including:

Global Water Center Room Rentals: Angela May at amay@thewatercouncil.com or 1.414.988.8752

If you have job/internship openings that you’d like us to share with members, please send a complete position description including application instructions to admin@thewatercouncil.com

If you have a water-related event that you’d like us to share with members, please email admin@thewatercouncil.com for the event announcement form.


Heather Koehn, Marketing Manager, Pentair

Talent/Education Committee: Heather Koehn, Committee Co-Chair & Marketing Manager, Pentair, identified the 3 main foci of the Talent & Education committee for 2014 as Internships & Co-ops, Membership Engagement, and Career Pathways. She also announced The Pay it Forward Campaign, challenging members to volunteer, give testimonials of how someone “opened-a-door” for them in their career, and provide opportunities for new talent to advance their careers.

Heather also stressed the idea of “Strength through collaboration,” and provided a checklist of ways to create membership engagement, including participating on a panel discussion, hiring an intern, adopting a class, serving as a featured speaker, or conducting tours.

Lastly, Heather invited members to attend the next Talent & Education meeting, Thursday, April 4, or join an Internship/Co-op Panel, Wednesday, April 30 at the Global Water Center, covering employment and connecting students and businesses. Interested attendees, or panelists, should contact Elizabeth Thelen, ethelen@thewatercouncil.com.



Ty Morton, Gregory Johnson, and Anthony Boatman, students/participants, Lead to Succeed

The BREW: Elizabeth Thelen, The Water Council’s Director of Entrepreneurship & Talent, invited students from the Lead to Succeed program to present their water project video and presentation. 

She then re-introduced The BREW, formerly the Global Freshwater Seed Accelerator. Open enrollment for the second round is now underway until April 4. The inaugural class will graduate on June 19 as part of Water Summit 2014, at which time, the second class will be announced. Follow all the latest developments with The BREW at their website: www.TheBREW-MKE.com, or on Twitter, @TheBREW_MKE.

Elizabeth also announced that The Water Council, in partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), will host a Wisconsin Pavilion at WEFTEC, September 27-October 1, in New Orleans. Members can join us through 4 levels of sponsorship, allowing them use of the WI Pavilion logo, kiosk, video, etc. To get involved contact Elizabeth.

Guest Presenters:



Dave Kliber, President & CEO, SF Analytical Laboratories

Mowat Centre: Dave Kliber, President/CEO, SF Analytical Laboratories, gave a brief introduction of the Mowat Centre’s study on the Economic Impact of Low Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway Water Levels. The study examines how historically low water levels impact areas such as shipping, fishing, harbor infrastructure, recreational activities, and waterfront properties. Watch for the full report coming soon.



Caoline Mosley, Graduate Student, UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences

Engineers Without Borders (EWB): Caroline Mosley, graduate student, UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, highlighted the work of the EWB-UW-Milwaukee chapter, which focuses on sustainable engineering projects both locally and internationally to improve the quality of life in developing communities. You can support the EWB-UWM chapter by attending or sponsoring the annual Clean Water Benefit Silent Auction or joining their team at the Run4Water MKE 5k Run/Walk, Saturday, April 5, Milwaukee Lakefront, REGISTER HERE!

Our 2nd Quarter Member Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 29, if you are interested in hosting this meeting, please contact Meghan Jensen, at mjensen@thewatercouncil.com

To download the 2014 Q1 Member Meeting Presentation CLICK HERE

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Fund for Lake Michigan boosts clean water research at UW-Milwaukee

The Fund for Lake Michigan has approved a $500,000 grant to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) School of Freshwater Sciences to support its $53 million expansion along Milwaukee’s inner harbor.
The grant will support the Great Lakes Genomics Center, the nation’s first research center dedicated solely to the application of ground breaking genomic and molecular tools to address the issues of freshwater management, protection, restoration and preservation. With this research, scientists hope to develop new technologies and more cost-effective strategies to improve the Great Lakes’ watershed – just as the Human Genome Project produced new understanding of human diseases and strategies to combat them. 
“Our grant to UWM is part of the Fund’s broad-based strategy to improve water quality in southeastern Wisconsin, whether through applied research, habitat restoration, beach improvements or urban waterfront redevelopment,” says Vicki Elkin, the Fund’s executive director.
“Through the generosity of the Fund for Lake Michigan, UWM can further position itself as a leader in cutting-edge research addressing some of the world’s most pressing clean water issues and, at the same time, strengthen our local economy,” says UWM Chancellor Michael R. Lovell.

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The gift is part of a “challenge grant” established by the Fund and will leverage financing for the Genomics Center to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, most notably a second DNA sequencer. This was made possible through a secured grant from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and a donation by Kikkoman Foods, Inc.
“The Fund for Lake Michigan has become an integral and vital partner in supporting Milwaukee’s efforts to expand the region’s international leadership as a water technology hub,” says Rich Meeusen, co-chair of Milwaukee’s Water Council and President/CEO/Chairman of Badger Meter, Inc.
The Fund for Lake Michigan is a philanthropic organization whose mission is to support efforts aimed toward the enhancement of Lake Michigan, its shoreline and tributary river systems. Since 2011, the Fund has awarded 75 grants to support high-profile projects in the area to benefit the people, plants and animals of southeastern Wisconsin. To learn more about the Fund’s mission, projects and past grants, visit www.fundforlakemichigan.org.
The UWM School of Freshwater Sciences is the only graduate school in the nation to offer the focused study of freshwater sciences. Through four major areas of study, the School of Freshwater Sciences educates and cultivates the next generation of freshwater professionals to promote the health and sustainability of freshwater systems worldwide. Discover more of the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences at www4.uwm.edu/freshwater/.
Vicki Elkin, Fund for Lake Michigan                                                                                                                                               
414-418-5008 or 608-334-1473, vicki@fundforlakemichigan.org
Rachel Wilberding, UWM School of Freshwater Sciences
414-382-1718 or 414-617-1901, rachelw6@uwm.edu
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The Water Council, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Announce Round II of The BREW

Business. Research. Entrepreneurship. In Wisconsin.

Milwaukee, WI – (March 4, 2014) – The BREW, formerly the Global Freshwater Seed Accelerator, a first-of-its-kind accelerator for water technology startups led by The Water Council, is launching Round II of the program. The application process opens March 4 at 8:00 am (CST) and accepts applications through April 4 at 11:59 pm (CST).  Up to six winners will be selected by June 16, 2014, to participate in Round II beginning in September.

image002The BREW was created by The Water Council and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), a demonstration of Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s reputation as a global center of excellence for water-related research and industry.

The BREW accelerator program debuted in 2013 and is managed by The Water Council. Funding is provided in part by WEDC in $50,000 investments for up to six water technology startups with commercialization potential, and matched by industry representatives and The Water Council. During the six-month accelerator program, winning entrepreneurs receive:

  • A suite in the Global Water Center
  • Business model and operations training through The Water Council and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW) Institute for Water Business
  • Access to faculty and students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) School for Freshwater Sciences
  • Access to the Global Water Center’s Flow Lab
  • Mentorship from dozens of area water technology experts
  • Attendance to conferences and pitch sessions with The Water Council
  • Access to investment capital funding sources, and most valuable of all, the Water Technology Network

The goal of The BREW is to unleash unique water technology startups, expand Milwaukee’s Global Water Hub by accelerating results, and inspire action to create further opportunity in the water industry.

The Water Council and a separate panel of global expert judges rank entries using multiple criteria, including commercialization potential, compatibility with existing companies, and long-term interest in growing in Milwaukee. Grants will fund startup costs, including lab supplies, research and product development expenses, and professional services.

Global Water Center

Global Water Center

Participants in Round I have each extended their lease for another 6 months and graduate at the Water Summit on June 19, 2014. Inaugural graduates include: H2Oscore, Microbe Detectives, New Works, Noah Technologies and Vegetal Innovation & Development.

“This accelerator program provides a great opportunity for emerging water-technology companies to take the next step in their development by utilizing the many services offered by The Water Council and by working side by side with others in the industry, as well as university experts,” said Reed Hall, secretary and CEO of WEDC.  “WEDC is pleased to be part of this partnership once again and to be able to offer these companies this opportunity.”

“There is definitely something brewing in Milwaukee and it’s not just beer.  We are BREWing water technology entrepreneurs,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council.  “Our accelerator is a place to unleash water innovation, accelerate results and inspire action.”

Application Process for Round II

March 4 8:00 am (CST) – April 4 at 11:59 pm (CST) at www.thebrew-mke.com

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HIRING: Communications & Development Associate and Bookkeeper

The Water Council is seeking qualified applicants to fill two positions at The Council. 
Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 10.23.08 AM

Communications & Development Associate  (Full-Time)

This position will help in the development and delivery of a wide variety of strategic marketing and communication initiatives directed toward Water Council members, media and the public. The position is also responsible for the preparation of grant proposals and reports to Milwaukee area foundations.

Bookkeeper  (Part-Time)

Responsible for handling the fundamental aspects of The Water Council’s financial record-keeping, including recording financial transactions, managing accounts payable and receivable, and assisting with completing annual tax forms.

Click the job titles above to download a full position description. Applicants should submit cover letter and resume to office@thewatercouncil.com by March 17, 2014. Please include the position title in the subject of the email.

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