PaveDrain LLC Wins Imagine H2O Prize

In December we announced that Water Council member PaveDrain LLC was a finalist for Imagine H2O’s Early Revenue Track prize for its work in mitigating storm water through arched paving bricks.  On March 19, PaveDrain went on to win the category and take home a prize for the Consumer Innovations Competition. Runners up in the category were Jompy Instant Hot Water Outdoors and High Sierra Showerheads.

PaveDrain incorporates a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block/Mat (P-ACB/M) and arch design that can be filled with storm-water runoff while simultaneously providing strength for heavy vehicular loads. Its demonstrated ability in facilitating a natural (vertical) infiltration path recharges local groundwater and reduces first flush pollutants.

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“The Imagine H2O business plan competition was a challenging six month exercise.” Said Doug Buch, President of PaveDrain. “It forces a business owner to review their business plan and look in the mirror and acknowledge the weaknesses of your business plan.”

As a future tenant of the International Water Technology Accelerator, PaveDrain looks forward to utilizing the recognition received from the Imagine H2O experience to expand its business. “Winning the competition has opened up huge doors for us across the U.S. and validates what we are trying to accomplish, which is changing the way the world handles stormwater runoff with a new paving system.”


About The Water Council

The Water Council, the only organization of its kind in the United States, was established in 2009 by Milwaukee-area businesses, education and government leaders. With more than 150 water technology companies in the Milwaukee area, the region’s water industry is a $10.5 billion dollar market and accounts for four percent of the world’s total water business. The non-profit organization is linking together global water technology companies, innovative water entrepreneurs, acclaimed academic research programs and, most importantly, some of the nation’s brightest and most energetic professionals. The Water Council is capturing the attention of the world and transforming the Milwaukee region into a World Water Hub for freshwater research, economic development and education. The Water Council is located in the Global Water Center at 247 W. Freshwater Way, Suite 500, Milwaukee, WI 53204.
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