The Water Council, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Announce Round II of The BREW

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Milwaukee, WI – (March 4, 2014) – The BREW, formerly the Global Freshwater Seed Accelerator, a first-of-its-kind accelerator for water technology startups led by The Water Council, is launching Round II of the program. The application process opens March 4 at 8:00 am (CST) and accepts applications through April 4 at 11:59 pm (CST).  Up to six winners will be selected by June 16, 2014, to participate in Round II beginning in September.

image002The BREW was created by The Water Council and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), a demonstration of Milwaukee and Wisconsin’s reputation as a global center of excellence for water-related research and industry.

The BREW accelerator program debuted in 2013 and is managed by The Water Council. Funding is provided in part by WEDC in $50,000 investments for up to six water technology startups with commercialization potential, and matched by industry representatives and The Water Council. During the six-month accelerator program, winning entrepreneurs receive:

  • A suite in the Global Water Center
  • Business model and operations training through The Water Council and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW) Institute for Water Business
  • Access to faculty and students from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) School for Freshwater Sciences
  • Access to the Global Water Center’s Flow Lab
  • Mentorship from dozens of area water technology experts
  • Attendance to conferences and pitch sessions with The Water Council
  • Access to investment capital funding sources, and most valuable of all, the Water Technology Network

The goal of The BREW is to unleash unique water technology startups, expand Milwaukee’s Global Water Hub by accelerating results, and inspire action to create further opportunity in the water industry.

The Water Council and a separate panel of global expert judges rank entries using multiple criteria, including commercialization potential, compatibility with existing companies, and long-term interest in growing in Milwaukee. Grants will fund startup costs, including lab supplies, research and product development expenses, and professional services.

Global Water Center

Global Water Center

Participants in Round I have each extended their lease for another 6 months and graduate at the Water Summit on June 19, 2014. Inaugural graduates include: H2Oscore, Microbe Detectives, New Works, Noah Technologies and Vegetal Innovation & Development.

“This accelerator program provides a great opportunity for emerging water-technology companies to take the next step in their development by utilizing the many services offered by The Water Council and by working side by side with others in the industry, as well as university experts,” said Reed Hall, secretary and CEO of WEDC.  “WEDC is pleased to be part of this partnership once again and to be able to offer these companies this opportunity.”

“There is definitely something brewing in Milwaukee and it’s not just beer.  We are BREWing water technology entrepreneurs,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council.  “Our accelerator is a place to unleash water innovation, accelerate results and inspire action.”

Application Process for Round II

March 4 8:00 am (CST) – April 4 at 11:59 pm (CST) at

About The Water Council

The Water Council, the only organization of its kind in the United States, was established in 2009 by Milwaukee-area businesses, education and government leaders. With more than 150 water technology companies in the Milwaukee area, the region’s water industry is a $10.5 billion dollar market and accounts for four percent of the world’s total water business. The non-profit organization is linking together global water technology companies, innovative water entrepreneurs, acclaimed academic research programs and, most importantly, some of the nation’s brightest and most energetic professionals. The Water Council is capturing the attention of the world and transforming the Milwaukee region into a World Water Hub for freshwater research, economic development and education. The Water Council is located in the Global Water Center at 247 W. Freshwater Way, Suite 500, Milwaukee, WI 53204.
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