Water Council Receives Expanding Sector Award from Wisconsin Economic Development Association

Reed and Meghan

WEDC Secretary Reed Hall and Meghan Jensen, Director of Marketing & Membership with The Water Council, at WEDA’s 2015 Community & Economic Development Awards on August 20.

The Water Council was delighted to receive the “Expanding Sector: Advancing Wisconsin’s Position in the World Marketplace” award from the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) at the 2015 Community & Economic Development Awards Ceremony. This award category recognizes efforts at growing an existing or emerging Wisconsin industry sector. Through these efforts, the nominees are enhancing Wisconsin’s brand and advancing our state’s position in the world marketplace.

Nominees had to meet the following criteria:

  • Measurable and quantitative impact on Wisconsin’s economy;
  • Qualitative impacts as provided by outside organizations and experts;
  • Demonstrates innovative approaches to advancing sector or brand;
  • Catalyst for economic development efforts at the local, regional or state level.

Earlier this year, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker reported a 7.4% increase in the exporting of water technology-related products, demonstrating a growing water economy in our state. Many of The Water Council’s programs and accomplishments to date would not have been possible without the support of our members and partners.  Thank you for your dedication and leadership in the water technology industry!

Congratulations to all of the 40+ winners and nominees of WEDA’s 2015 Community & Economic Development Awards, and an extra special thank you to the judges. It was a pleasure to be part of a wonderful and impactful evening celebrating Wisconsin’s best practices in economic development.

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JETRO Invitation Program: Environmental and Water Sector Business Matching Program in Osaka

JETRO 1The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is now excepting applications from overseas companies to Environmental and Water Sector Business Matching Program in Osaka. Japan’s Kansai area, including Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto, is home to a number of Japan’s largest corporations and some of the country’s most innovative small & medium-sized enterprises. Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies combined with an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit have made Kansai a world leader in environmental and water sector technology. JETRO will organize individual business meetings between leading business entities from overseas and Kansai’s local companies in their respected field.

This invitation program is organized by JETRO Osaka, with the support of the Osaka Prefectural Government, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Osaka Foundation for Trade & Industry.

Potential invitees/applicants include corporate executives or decision makers of foreign companies seeking Japanese environmental technologies such as:

  • Waste treatment; Water recycling; Wastewater and sewage treatment; Exhaust gas treatment; Water purification; Sludge treatment; Biomass; Solid waste treatment; Water efficiency equipment
  • Companies interested in purchasing Japanese water/environmental technology
  • Companies interested in business collaboration with Japanese water/environmental technology firms
  • Companies seeking Japanese partners to develop businesses related to water/environmental technology

To apply, complete the attached application by Monday, August 31, 2015. Applications should be submitted by email to Robert Corder at JETRO Chicago at robert_corder@jetro.go.jp.

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The Water Council Celebrates New Program the Pilot Project!


Please join Wells Fargo, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), Fund for Lake Michigan, The Water Council, and special guest Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (invited) in announcing partner funding towards the Pilot Project, a new initiative lead by The Water Council. The Pilot Project will strengthen relationships between new product development and Water Council members with demonstration sites dedicated to furthering water quality in a “One Water” world.

Thursday, August 20, 11:30am-12:00pm

Water Plaza in Reed Street Yards
247 W. Freshwater Way
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Mayor Tom Barrett (invited), City of Milwaukee
TBD, Wells Fargo
Kevin Shafer, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)
Vicki Elkin, Fund for Lake Michigan
Dean Amhaus, The Water Council

No RSVP is needed. Please direct questions to Monica Pless atmpless@thewatercouncil.com


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An Interview with Matt Howard, The Water Council’s new Director of Alliance for Water Stewardship-North America

M Howard Headshot 3 2013What past experiences drew you to The Water Council and your current role as the Director of Alliance for Water Stewardship-North America?
My background in economics led me into the nascent field of sustainability early on in my career. My particular area of expertise focused on sustainability as a competitive advantage for businesses. As a result, I have been developing and managing sustainability programs at the national and local level for 10 years.

When I moved to Milwaukee to accept the job as the City’s Sustainability Director, I was privileged to work with Mayor Barrett on Great Lakes issues through his involvement in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative. Leading the effort to develop the City’s sustainability plan (ReFresh Milwaukee which has a focus area on water) and my publication of North America’s first urban water system benchmarking report (Milwaukee’s Sustainable Municipal Water Management report) solidified my desire to move in a direction that would allow me to professionally devote my efforts to water stewardship and sustainability. I had always been impressed with The Water Council and its determination to establish Milwaukee as site of the world’s leading water cluster. When I learned that The Water Council was signing an exclusive partnership agreement with the international Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) to be their North American headquarters, I knew I had to be a part of it.

What are you most looking forward to working on at The Water Council?
I’m excited to be part of the all-star team Dean and the Board have put together. For me, being part of something at its conception with the AWS-North America is an amazing opportunity. But more importantly, knowing I have The Water Council team to fall back on for support gives me the confidence to go out there and try new things. This is an amazing time to be in the Global Water Center. Imagining what AWS, The Water Council and the Milwaukee region will be like in 5-10 years is very exciting to me.

What would you like to accomplish in your new role?
First and foremost, build a credible, robust North American marketplace and system to support the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard. As a result, AWS-North America will hopefully be put on a growth trajectory similar to the U.S. Green Building Council in its early history. Second, develop new water stewardship and sustainability programs for The Water Council that improve the competitiveness of U.S. businesses while enhancing the sustainability of our freshwater resources. Third, be trusted by business as the choice resource for water stewardship

Who do you most look forward to engaging with (members, businesses, etc.)?
I’m eager to engage businesses that are seeking to enhance their water stewardship efforts. As we see in California and other water stressed regions of the United States, businesses must move quickly to mitigate their water-related risks but also invest in their communities and the health of local watersheds. We see the positive economic implications (as well as social and environmental) of this type of corporate water stewardship right here in Milwaukee with the tremendous success of the Menomonee Valley redevelopment.

I’m also excited to learn about and advocate for all the great things Water Council members are doing, dreaming and inventing. I know their products and services will reinforce the mission of the Alliance for Water Stewardship-North America. There’s so much happening at the Global Water Center the world has yet to know. I look forward to being a part of that story!

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Addressing Water Risk and Improving Water Stewardship in California


Southern California, July 28-29

The Alliance for Water Stewardship
(AWS) will be hosting two days of training on the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard in southern California at a location to be determined July 28 and 29 (most likely to be held in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan area).

Now is the time for California companies, consultancies, NGOs and other interested groups to promote individual water use responsibility and watershed-based collective actions to ensure Californians can continue to access quality water for business, personal and recreational needs.

AWS is a multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to enhancing water stewardship capacity, and guiding, incentivizing and differentiating responsible water use.  The International Water Stewardship Standard (the “AWS Standard”) is designed to support, recognize and reward collaborative efforts to manage shared water challenges while providing a strategic framework for companies to better manage water resources and associated costs and risks.

The first day of training (Foundations of Water Stewardship) will introduce water management and sustainability professionals to the AWS water stewardship system and certain water management concepts while equipping them with the knowledge they need to implement or promote water stewardship at site and watershed levels. This will include a specific segment on stakeholder engagement. The second day of training (Advanced Training in the AWS Standard) is people implementing the AWS Standard in their operations or those interested in gaining AWS accreditation for consulting, auditing or training services.

Cost per participant will be $450 or $800 for attending both days. This includes course material, lunch and refreshments. Travel or accommodation costs are not included. Reductions are available for non-profit organizations.

Foundations of Water Stewardship and Advanced Training in the AWS Standard are based on implementation of the AWS International Water Stewardship Standard, a standard owned by the international Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). Together these courses meet Levels 1 and 2 requirements for professionals seeking AWS accreditation as auditor, consultant or trainer.

To register for the event click here. For more information on the training, email AWS-North America at aws@thewatercouncil.com or call 1 (414) 988-8749.

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Searching for solutions to water scarcity has to be a global endeavor, it can no longer be seen as another country’s problem.  -Adam Shaw, host of BBC World News – Horizons

– Water Council President & CEO, Dean Amhaus will be featured in BBC World News – Horizons. Adam Shaw, BBC World News Presenter, travels to the U.S. to discuss how the water technology emerging out of the Wisconsin Water Cluster can benefit the global community. BBC World News, a leader in breaking global news, delivers in-depth news coverage reaching an audience of 385+ million households outside of the UK, and is watched by 76 million people weekly!

Technology showcased in the clip belongs to Stonehouse Water Technologies, a startup located in the Global Water Center.


Saturday, June 20 – 3:30AM (Central Time) (BBC World News)
Sunday, June 21 – 9:30AM (Central Time) (BBC World News)
Sunday, June 21 – 3:30PM (Central Time) (BBC World News)
Sunday, June 21 – 8:30PM (Central Time) (BBC World News North America only)

CLICK HERE for a sneak preview of this week’s episode of Horizons.


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University Club International Water Panel

Wednesday, June 24 | 3:30 p.m. $20++ Per Person

Lake Michigan2Join us as some of the world’s leading experts in water technology visit the University Club on Wednesday, June 24, to share how global collaboration is furthering the development of cutting edge water technologies. This event will be held at the conclusion of the annual Water Summit, hosted by The Water Council, the only organization of its kind in the United States.

Water is everyone’s business. It is essential for survival and keeping humans and the environment healthy. Situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee serves as a global catalyst for water policy, research, education and economic development. The panel, representing the United States, France, the Netherlands and South Korea, will discuss their collaboration model and the goals in place for stimulated economic growth through innovative programs between industry and academia. For example, in the last year, the Water Council has established Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with the Water Alliance in Leeuwarden, Netherlands; Daegu City, South Korea and Pôle EAU in Montpellier, France – all considered leading water technology clusters.



  • Alex Berhitu, Coordinator Business Development, Water Alliance, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
  • Jean-Loïc Carré, Director, Pôle Eau, Montpellier, France
  • Dr. Woo Jin Chang, Assistant Professor, UW-M School of Engineering & Kim Boo Seop, Director General, Green Environment Bureau, Daegu Metropolitan City
  • Dean Amhaus, President and CEO of the Water Council

To register for this event, contact the front desk at 414.271.2222 or frontdesk@universityclubmil.com.  Non-members must provide credit card upon registration.

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LIVE BETA OF “GLOBAL WATER PORT” – Experience the Power

Learn, connect, share and innovate with water professionals from across the globe.

The anticipation is growing. With its debut at last year’s Summit, we’re excited to unveil firsthand to Water Summit attendees the beta of Global Water Port – a brand new tool of The Water Council that will amplify global collaboration through a super-charged, web-based, research and data dashboard. If you’d like to be first in line to beta test this one-of-a-kind tool before it rolls out, join us at the Summit on June 23. We’d love your feedback.


TUESDAY, JUNE 23 | 2-3pm
Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a sneak peek of this new tool and sign-up to be a beta tester!

What is the Global Water Port?
Created by a partnership between The Water Council and inno360, and after a national competitive review by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Global Water Port makes available the latest social collaboration tools and access to the most relevant content including patent, academic, and industry databases to help the water ecosystem learn, connect, and execute the most pressing innovation needs. Inno360, one of the world’s leading Enterprise Innovation Management platforms, has worked with leading industry companies such as Coca Cola, Nestle, and General Mills to create similar platform devices.

How can I sign-up to be a Beta tester?
Join us for a live beta at Breakout Session 2B on Tuesday, June 23 from 2-3:00pm or visit The Water Council’s Center of Excellence for Small Business Development booth for a hands-on experience with a 70″ touch screen. During the beta test participants will have the opportunity to propose a NEW beta project. Registration to become a beta tester will be open during June 23 and 24 ONLY, and will not re-open until late September. Don’t miss your chance to be one of our exclusive beta testers!

What will the breakout session cover?
This session will showcase and demonstrate elements of the Global Water Port, currently in beta. Attendees will learn how to collaborate on this new research portal to identify the most compelling innovation needs, find and assemble expert networks, work on projects to develop solutions, and ultimately market and sell these innovations.

Registration for Water Summit 2015 closes FRIDAY! CLICK HERE to register NOW!

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Water Summit 2015 Snapshot Agenda!

Snap shot Agenda_WaterSummit 2015_DAY 1gSnap shot Agenda_WaterSummit 2015_DAY 2g

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Walmart Sustainability Senior Manager to speak at Water Summit 2015!

Best Practices in Facility Water Management

June 24
9:40 AM – 10:15 AM

DON MOSELEY, Senior Manager of Multilevel Facilities & Increasingly Sustainable Facilities, Walmart

What, in the eyes of Walmart, do best practices for facility water management look like?  Have they worked?  Were they a good investment?  Did they prove to be good business decisions? What’s next?  These and other questions will be examined and answered in this drilldown into Walmart’s customer focused US facility water management strategies.

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